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10 washable cleansing wipes set – 10th birthday limited edition!

Our washable cleansing wipes and their box have been decorated with pretty golden peacocks specially for Lamazuna's 10th birthday!

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To celebrate our 10th birthday, we've given a new look to Lamazuna's very first product: the washable cleansing wipes! 

This new limited edition lets you (re)discover our washable cleansing wipes, which can be reused over 300 times. A great way to cut down on bathroom waste! 

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Created in 2010, Lamazuna's washable cleansing wipes were the brand's very first product. To celebrate their 10th birthday, we've given them – and their poplar wood box – a beautiful new look!

They may look different, but they're still the same! You can use our cleansing wipes just with water to remove make-up, without creating any waste :)

Diameter: 8 cm

We recommend washing your cleansing wipes before the first use.

To remove make-up, moisten the cleansing wipe with cold or warm tap water (both will work!), then gently cleanse the face and eyes with circular movements. If you use the white side to remove black mascara, it may remind you a little of our zebra afterwards!

Tip: to remove waterproof make-up, you can add a drop of botanical oil to the wipe.

Our cleansing wipes are made from microfibre, which is a highly absorbent fabric. Make-up clings more readily to microfibre than to the skin! It's also an incredibly soft and gentle material, so it's perfect for sensitive skin types. 

  • 70% polyester
  • 30% polyamide
  • The box is made in France from poplar wood. The washing bag is made from GOTS certified organic cotton. 

To wash your cleansing wipes, simply place them in their washing bag (so they don't get lost in the washing machine!), then either machine wash or hand wash. Don't use bleach or fabric softener.  

Avoid throwing away hundreds of disposable cotton pads by using these microfibre cleansing wipes instead! They can be reused over 300 times!

Once they've reached the end of their useful life (after using them over 300 times), you can send them back to us to be recycled! Find out more here!  

    At what temperature should I wash the cleansing wipes ?

    You can wash the cleansing wipes at 40°C.  

    I was wondering if the washable cleansing wipes could be used with a micellar water ?

    Yes, you can use them with a micellar water. However, if you want to remove waterproof make-up, we recommend using a drop of botanical oil on a moist cleansing wipe. 

    Comment utiliser nos lingettes démaquillantes ?

    Il suffit de mouiller une lingette réutilisable à l'eau du robinet pour se démaquiller en douceur. 

    Vous portez un maquillage un peu "costaud" ? Vous pouvez ajouter une goutte de produit démaquillant pour terminer. Rincez la à l'eau juste après utilisation pour que la lingette conserve toutes ses propriétés et reste toute belle ! 

    Qu'est-ce que la lingette démaquillante Lamazuna ? 

    Les lingettes démaquillantes Lamazuna sont en microfibre, un tissu ultra absorbant ! 

    Elles s'utilisent simplement avec de l'eau, idéales pour les peaux sensibles, lavables à la main ou en machine. 

    Quelle est la taille d'une lingette démaquillante lavable ?

    Nos lingettes démaquillantes lavables mesurent 8 cm de diamètre. Ni trop grandes, ni trop petites, juste ce qu'il faut pour vous démaquiller efficacement et en douceur !

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Juste génial, les lingettes son belle, efficace sans besoin de mettre du démaquillant donc super économique et elle son super douce.

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