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Zero waste Gift Bundle

The ideal gift if you want to introduce someone to zero waste with a little help from Lamazuna! Keep the bathroom waste-free for two months! 

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Solid shampoo
Type de déodorant :

We've filled our furoshikis with everything you need to keep the bathroom waste-free for two months! For more information about what's inside, go to the "What it is" section below! :)

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Inside this gift bundle furoshiki, you'll find: 

The Lamazuna solid shampoo: 

Choose one of our solid shampoos for any kind of hair: normal, dry or greasy! With our without essential oils, you'll find what you're looking for with our various scents: orange, wild grass, vanilla-coco, chocolate, scotch pine, litsea cubeba :)  

The Lamazuna solid toothpaste:

Our peppermint solid toothpaste looks like a lollipop! You just need to rub your toothbrush on it to create foam and brush your teeth without creating any waste! 

The konjac sponge:

The konjac sponge will clean your skin every day! It has a surprising effect as it's combining the efficacy of a skin exfoliation glove with the lightness of a bamboo flower. Used for 1,500 years by Japanese women to exfoliate their face, this Konjac sponge is also 100% natural!

The solid deodorant:

Our solid deodorant is 100% from natural origin and free of aluminum salt, it's not stopping the perspiration but avoiding the bad smells! With Palmarosa essential oil, it lasts as long as two deodorant stick! :)

The Oriculi 

Our clever little eco-friendly, bamboo ear cleaner will replace your cotton buds (Q-tips) for life! 

All the details of the products are available on www.lamazuna.com! :)

Our furoshikis measure 70 x 70 cm and are available in two colors and sometimes in limited editions such as our winter and christmas furoshikis.

They're made from organic cotton satin, which is thicker than the cotton usually used for scarves. This means you can use them to hold items such as books, bottles of wine or fresh fruit juices!

    What are the dimensions of the furoshiki ?

    Our furoshiki measures 67.5 x 67.5 cm. 

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Je l'ai acheté en 6 exemplaires pour faire des cadeaux à mes demoiselles d honneur et franchement je suis pas déçue. J ai essayé le shampoing il est top et ne rend pas les cheveux gras a l inverse de beaucoup de shampoings solides !