Celebration zero-waste gift set

To celebrate our 10th birthday, we've brought out a new, limited-edition, zero-waste gift set!


This new zero-waste gift set makes the perfect gift – or treat for yourself!

Our washable cleansing wipes – the very first Lamazuna product – are joined by some of our new products in this very original gift set! 

You'll find our cleansing wipes in a special golden version, their washing bag, our pink solid cocoa butter, a bioplastic Oriculi, and our brilliant mini pouch! 

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The Celebration zero-waste gift set was designed specially for Lamazuna's 10th birthday! Both our washable cleansing wipes and our poplar wood box have been decorated with a new design for the occasion!

Inside the box, you'll find Lamazuna's very first product: the washable cleansing wipes. They're joined by some of this year's new products: the pink solid cocoa butter, the bioplastic Oriculi, and the Lamazuna mini pouch, made from upcycled fabric and perfect for carrying all your solid cosmetics! 

The pretty wooden box can be kept and used in lots of different ways! It's made in France, in the Lot region, from poplar wood.

Gift box dimensions: 10.5 x 10.5 x 10.5 cm.

If you want to know how to use the products in this gift set, simply click on the product links below:

Washable cleansing wipes

Pink solid cocoa butter

Bioplastic Oriculi 

The box is made in France, from poplar wood.

  • Find out what the washable cleansing wipes are made from here.
  • Find out about the ingredients in our pink solid cocoa butter here.
  • Find out more about what our bioplastic Oriculi is made from here.

Thanks to the products in this gift set, you'll be able to avoid lots of waste! No more throwing away disposable cotton pads or cotton buds, or jars and bottles of creams and lotions!

    At what temperature should I wash the cleansing wipes ?

    You can wash the cleansing wipes at 40°C.  

    I was wondering if the washable cleansing wipes could be used with a micellar water ?

    Yes, you can use them with a micellar water. However, if you want to remove waterproof make-up, we recommend using a drop of botanical oil on a moist cleansing wipe. 

    Wich products can I use if I'm pregnant ? 

    Here's a list of the products that pregnant or breastfeeding women can use : 

    - Our solid shampoos free of essential oils : the Chocolate shampoo for normal hair / Wild Grasses shampoo for oily hair / Vanilla and Coconut shampoo for dry hair. 

    - Our Solid Conditionner.

    - The Solid Facial Cleanser for normal skin. 

    - The Solid Shaving Bar.

    - The Solid Cocoa Butter : solid cocoa butter with baobab oil and frangipani / pink organic solid cocoa butter. 

    - The Cinnamon Solid Toothpaste. 

    - The Happy teeth Duo, wich is free of essential oils. 

    - The Gentle Cleansing Duo. 

    - The 100% Chocolate gift set. 

    - The Celebration zero-waste gift set.

    - The Hydrophil lip balm.

    -The Solid make-up remover. 

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J'adore, tout les produit son géniaux surtout le beurre de cacao qui est mon article préférer.

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