Dish brush replacement head

Our dish brush replacement head for your zero-waste kitchen! 


Our dish brush replacement head is made in France with beech wood and tampico bristles.

All our expertise has gone into finding a zero-waste way to clean your dishes!

The vegan, tampico bristles are densely packed, to make the brush last longer.

The groove around the head allows you to use it with other types of brush handles.

Our replacement head lasts for 8 to 12 months. 

More information

The replacement head can be screwed onto the handle of our dish brush, and can also be used with other types of dish brush handles.

You can use this dish brush every day for all your dishes, pots, pans, etc., with the exception of fragile glassware and narrow containers.

It cleans without scratching, is highly resistant to humidity, and can be used with any washing-up liquid or washing-up bar

The replacement head is made from French beech wood that comes from PEFC-certified, sustainably managed forests. It is untreated, softer, and suitable for brushmaking.

The bristles are made from tampico (agave fibre) and are not chemically treated, dyed or bleached.

Do not soak the brush in water.

Rinse the bristles after each use.

Because the brush is made from wood, its appearance may change over time, depending on how it is used and stored.

The plant-based bristles will wear down with time. Replace the head when the bristles have worn down so much, they can no longer clean your dishes properly.

Made in France, this high-quality, sustainable, durable product supports local producers.

When it reaches its end of life, if it can still be used, keep it for cleaning or little household tasks such as brushing clean a ceramic sink or shoes covered with mud. If it really can't be used anymore for anything, remove the tampico fibres with the help of some pliers, and separate the metal staple from the bristles so you can sort and recycle the individual elements as well as possible.

At Lamazuna, all our products are designed to be zero waste, and we take into account every step in their life cycle to make them as environmentally friendly as possible.

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