Eco-friendly washing-up set

Green solutions for clean dishes!


A washing-up bar that removes grease but won't leave streaks and cares for sensitive skin. Plus it carries the Ecodetergent label.

A practical replaceable-head dish brush that cleans without scratching, resists humidity, and looks good next to your kitchen sink!

Both products come in a multi-purpose tie-up bag.

More information

Treat yourself (or someone else) to this washing-up trio!

Washing-up bar

Hold the washing-up bar in your hand and rub your dish brush over it. Clean your dishes then rinse them, just as you usually would!

Alternatively, you can keep your washing-up bar in a saucer on the edge of the sink, then rub your wet dish brush over it. Clean your dishes then rinse them.

Our washing-up bar can be used with all levels of water hardness, on all levels of dirt, and on all your dishes!

Dish brush

You can use our dish brush every day to clean all your dishes. It cleans without scratching and is very moisture-resistant. Eco-designed, this high-quality brush is crafted in France and made with densely packed, vegan, tampico bristles. It's been designed with ergonomics in mind: because your hand stays close to the brush, you can brush with precision and control.

Change the head when the bristles have worn out (usually after about 8 to 12 months).

Multi-purpose tie-up bag

You can use this upcycled bag in lots of ways! As a loose produce bag for when you buy food unwrapped (pulses, dried fruits, pasta, cereals, etc.) or small fruits and vegetables, sweets or even a snack. You could even use it for gift wrapping!

Washing-up bar

This product is made with 99.96% naturally derived ingredients and carries the Ecodetergent label.

A closer look at the ingredients:

- 4 ingredients that clean your dishes and remove grease:

A foaming base (olive/coconut soap base with water, tetrasodium glutamate diacetate and sodium hydroxide) to make it easy to use the washing-up bar.

- Two surfactants (cocoyl methyl glucamide, sunfloweroyl methylglucamide) for their foaming and cleansing properties.

Sodium bicarbonate, a gentle abrasive, to make the bar more effective on stubborn stains. Salt (sodium chloride) to make the washing-up bar solid.

- To care for the hands: Glycerine, to protect and look after the skin of the hands that do the dishes!

INCI list

Over 30% soap and less than 5% non-ionic surfactants (cocoyl methyl glucamide), preservative (sorbic acid). Also contains: AQUA, SODIUM BICARBONATE, GLYCERIN, SUNFLOWEROYL METHYLGLUCAMIDE, SODIUM CHLORIDE, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, TETRASODIUM GLUTAMATE DIACETATE, SODIUM HYDROXIDE.

Replaceable-head dish brush

You can oil the handle with linseed oil whenever necessary.

Do not soak the brush in water.

Rinse the bristles after each use.

Because the brush is made from wood, its appearance may change over time, depending on how it is used and stored.

The oak wood is treated with linseed oil, which will gradually wear off with use.

To make the wood last longer, oil the handle again. The plant-based bristles will wear down with time.

Replace the head when the bristles have worn down so much, they can no longer clean your dishes properly.

Multi-purpose tie-up bag

Upcycled bag 

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