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Utimate zero waste

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Solid shampoo
Déodorant solide
Solid facial cleanser

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    At what temperature should I wash the cleansing wipes ?

    You can wash the cleansing wipes at 40°C.  

    Does the conditioner have to be left on the hair for a while before rinsing ? ...

    You don't have to leave it on, but if you do leave it on for a few minutes, your hair will benefit even more from the nourishing properties of coconut oil and the conditioning agents. It won't be as effective as a hair mask, but it will be good for your hair.

    How much does the pink cocoa butter weigh in grams ?

    Our pink cocoa butter weighs approximately 55 grams. :)

    Can I use it if I'm pregnant ?

    Absolutely ! Our cocoa butter doesn't contain essential oils, so it's perfectly sale for pregnant women. :)

    How do I use the cleansing wipes ? ...

    Simply moisten a reusable cleansing wipe with tap water then use it to gently remove make-up. 

    If you want to remove more stubborn make-up, you can add a drop of make-up remover to finish. Rinse the cleansing wipe with water immediately afterwards so it will continue to work well and look as good as new ! 

    Is the Ultimate zero waste set good for plane journeys or travelling ? ...

    The bag itself is very soft, so it fits into a small space easily! It's also light and has several compartments so you can separate and organise your products.

    Why did you opt for a toiletry bag rather than a vanity bag ? ...

    A vanity bag is rigid, so it's more difficult to slip it inside a travel bag. Another advantage of our bag is that you can hang it up. It's ideal if you have a small space, perfect for anyone who likes to travel or move around a lot, and minimalists will love it too! You can put it in your suitcase or in your bathroom !

    Is it possible to buy just the bag that's used for theUltimate zero waste set, without the products ? ...

    Our Ultimate zero waste set consists of the bag sold with the products. We're sorry, but you can't buy the bag on its own.

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Le cadeau parfait

Super complet, très belle trousse, c'est parfait pour faire passer ses proches au zéro déchet en douceur


Au top

Il y a tout se dont on a besoin et en plus de sa la trousse et vraiment belle.