Toothpaste tabs jar

No more single-use plastic toothpaste tubes!


Say goodbye to toothpaste mess on your washbasin. Now you can have toothpaste without the tube!

This little jar is ideal for holding your toothpaste tabs and can be filled over and over again.

You can keep it in your bathroom or use it to carry your toothpaste tabs anywhere. It can also be used to hold your solid cosmetics!

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Unscrew the lid and empty your sachet of toothpaste tabs into the jar. Then every time you clean your teeth, simply take a tab from the jar!

Our cute little jar can also be used to hold other things, such as a solid facial cleanser, make-up remover, deodorant, or our pink solid cocoa butter. It's perfect for taking your solid cosmetics with you anywhere!

The jar is made from glass, while the lid is made from aluminium.

You can wash the jar in a dishwasher, or by hand. Wash the lid by hand with some washing-up liquid.

By creating a new lid for our glass jar, we've avoided creating a new product and given a new purpose to an existing one!

At Lamazuna, all our products are designed to be zero waste, and we take into account every step in their life cycle to make them as environmentally friendly as possible. 

    Le shampoing rentre-t-il dans le pot en verre Lamazuna ?

    Non, malheureusement le format de nos shampoings palets étant plus larges, ils ne rentrent plus entièrement dans le pot en verre. Cependant, rien n'est perdu avec nous !

    Pour conserver vos solides, et donc les nouveaux shampoings au format palet, rien de mieux que notre Incroyable Organisateur ! Il identifie, range et garde vos solides au sec, jetez-y un œil ;)

    Continuez à utiliser le pot en verre pour d'autres solides comme votre déodorant par exemple. Son couvercle aéré permet tout de même de servir de support pour nos nouveaux shampoings, ils sont plus grands mais plus plats donc ils tiendront parfaitement sur le couvercle pour sécher comme il faut. 

    Vous pouvez aussi utiliser nos Pochouettes en tissu dans lesquelles nos shampoings en palet entrent parfaitement.

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