Our mission

The team

There are 50 people in the Lamazuna team, all of them motivated by – and firm believers in – the brand's values! Below, you can see (nearly) all of us! This photo was taken when we were enjoying a break during our 10th anniversary celebrations, in July 2020.

Equipe Lamazuna

If you're familiar with our story, then you'll know that the Lamazuna team grew very fast!

Once we'd arrived in the Drôme region in 2018, Lamazuna was split into different departments so we could all work together better.

Word of mouth has really helped the brand to grow, along with all the people who've believed in us – with social media playing a big role. This has contributed more to our success than sales prospecting, for example.

It was important to have three similar-sized, equally important teams at Lamazuna. So we have our sales team, to work with retailers (this team also includes our six ambassadors who cover all of France, and Agathe, in charge of the store in Paris). Then we have the communications team, which is here for our customers, and the innovation team, focused on the future!

Plus, of course, there are also the essential departments: Human Resources, Procurement & Purchasing, Logistics, and Accounts.

What we do

Perhaps you're wondering what all these people do?

Since 2010, we've been working to create solid cosmetics and sustainable accessories for the bathroom and the rest of the home!

We have strong values and convictions, and we always aim high, determined not to compromise. This doesn't just apply to our products – it applies to our everyday lives too!

We talk about our products being "eco-affordable". As Laëtitia says: "I wanted this to be one of our watchwords at Lamazuna. We want to offer innovative products that won't harm your health or the environment, and also enable you to save money!"

produits lamazuna écolonomiques
Valeurs et produits Lamazuna

Our constraints

To ensure that we always remain true to our values, there are certain criteria that our products have to meet. They must all be:

  • Zero waste
  • Vegan
  • Made as locally as possible (we are gradually moving towards 100% made in France, but unfortunately this is not always possible).

Would you like to know more? We tell you all about the process behind the creation of a Lamazuna product! Come this way!

We now have a wide range of solid cosmetics, with shampoos, deodorants, toothpastes, cocoa butter, etc. We also have sustainable and durable accessories, including our famous Oriculi and the washable cleansing wipes. Every year, our range grows, but we're always careful not to create new needs. And sometimes we'll question certain choices, to make sure we're still true to our commitments.

This explains why we no longer sell the konjac sponge – a natural sponge that comes from Asia. Instead, we'd like you to enjoy using our solid facial cleansers, which are made in France!

Sharing brilliant ideas

There's much more to Lamazuna than solid cosmetics. We also want to teach you about zero waste, help you switch to a more zero-waste lifestyle, give you lots of inspiring ideas, and share our experiences.

Our brand is for everyone, from eco-warriors to those who are simply intrigued by our products. And we like to think that in addition to being ethical, we're very cheerful and approachable too! You might be interested to know that we also have a blog, where we give you lots of tips to help you go zero waste. Why not take a look?

The eco-site project

As we've already mentioned, we want to share our experiences and show that a greener life is possible. And this leads us to our eco-site…

It all began with Laëtitia's idea of having a permaculture garden to avoid the need for lunch vouchers. The idea grew and took shape and, in 2018, we moved to the Drôme region in order to have more space and a better quality of life. The aim was to find the ideal plot for our eco-site within two years.