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July marks the start of the summer holidays – but did you know it's also plastic-free month? So, when you get your suitcase ready, you're not allowed to pack any plastic! To help you, we've put together a few offers so you can travel light and plastic-free this summer!

Our zero-waste solid cosmetics

Thanks to our range of solid cosmetics, the number of plastic bottles in your bathroom should go drastically down!

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Pack your zero-waste


Plastic Free July: take the challenge! Plastic Free July is an initiative that was started by the Plastic Free Foundation, based in Australia. Every year, in July, it gives tips to help people cut down their consumption of single-use plastic.

So why not start by going on a summer holiday without plastic? Lamazuna has lots of travel-friendly, ultra-practical, solid cosmetics that you can slip into your suitcase!

Get packing!

Discover our selection of zero-waste solutions that you can take with you anywhere!

Zero waste is a way of life, and our mission is to make this lifestyle easier! These brilliant accessories, created by some of our favourite brands, are bound to help. And if you're wondering why we chose these products in particular, it's because we already know them, use them, and love them! Discover our products for the kitchen and shopping – there's everything you need for a zero-waste picnic! We also have products for babies and children, including washable baby wipes and baby bottles that stack together, so they won't take up much space!

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Our workshop-store in Paris

You'll find all our solid cosmetics and sustainable products at our workshop-store in Paris. And if you come with a reusable shopping bag, you can buy them loose, without any packaging!

A place for meetups and great conversations, not to mention lots of brilliant zero-waste workshops!

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