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Face care

Face care

Care for your face the natural way! Here you'll find all our solid cosmetics and sustainable accessories to look after your face without creating waste.

Learn more about our solid make-up remover, solid facial cleansers, our natural scrub stone, and our legendary washable cleansing wipes. Create your zero waste skincare routine now !!

  • Solid make-up remover
  • Pink organic solid cocoa...
  • 10 washable cleansing wipes...
  • Solid shaving bar
  • Soft skin duo
  • Bare it all duo
  • Natural scrub stone
  • Gentle Cleansing Duo
  • Solid cocoa butter with...
  • Close Shave Duo
  • Safety razor & 10 blades set Online only -€4.90
  • Blades for safety razor

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