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Body care

Body care

All you need to take care of your body the zero-waste way! Clean, exfoliate, shave, moisturise and perfume your body !

Our three cold-processed soaps clean your skin, our solid cocoa butters deeply nourish, and our five solid deodorants will keep you fresh. Just choose your scent!

Treat your skin to organic products to keep your body beautiful!

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  • Sparkling Body Cream
  • Nutri-repair balm
  • Body & massage balm
  • Solid deodorant normal skin
  • Deodorant for sensitive...
  • Pink organic solid cocoa...
  • Solid shaving bar
  • Safety razor
  • Blades for safety razor
  • Natural scrub stone
  • Multipurpose nourishing cream
  • copy of Sparkling Body Cream
  • Complete zero waste experience
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