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Activated charcoal cleansing cares
  • Activated charcoal cleansing cares
  • Activated charcoal cleansing cares
  • Activated charcoal cleansing cares
  • Activated charcoal cleansing cares
  • Activated charcoal cleansing cares

Activated charcoal cleansing cares
skin balancing

Specially designed for oily skin, Lamazuna's cleansing care purifies and mattifies your skin. Its blend of activated charcoal and ghassoul works on blackheads and impurities. Your skin can breathe, breathe, breathe!! A gentle, slightly sweet scent for a guaranteed good mood experience.

Non-abrasive and sulfate-free, its creamy and light foam gently cleanses your skin to become your daily ally for a sublime face!

    Everything you need to know !

  • How to use me?

    Wet your face and the cleanser. Apply it directly to your face or lather it in your hands. Massage your face to cleanse thoroughly and rinse.

    Use it in the evening and/or morning, and on a daily basis.

    Not recommended for pregnant women

  • My ingredients

    Gently cleansing ingredients:

    • SCI (SODIUM COCOYL ISETHIONATE) is a mild surfactant derived from vegetable oils. It gently cleanses and removes impurities.
    • COCO-GLUCOSIDE is a mild secondary surfactant that enhances the foaming power of the product.

    Ingredients that take care of the skin:

    • Hemp oil (CANNABIS SATIVA SEED OIL*) is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, which protects the skin's hydrolipidic film.
    • Activated charcoal (CHARCOAL POWDER) mattifies the skin and unclogs blocked pores.
    • Sunflower oil (HELIANTHUS ANNUUS SEED OIL*) softens and smooths the skin, gives radiance, and is also non-comedogenic.
    • Ghassoul (MOROCCAN LAVA CLAY) regulates excess sebum and purifies blocked pores.
    • Kaolin (KAOLIN) is a white clay that softens and repairs the skin.

    Ingredients for an ideal experience:

    • A fragrance without allergens with fresh and delicate notes of lemon balm!
    • STEARIC ACID, PALMITIC ACID help solidify the facial cleanser and ensure a longer shelf life.
    • TOCOPHEROL is an antioxidant that protects the oils in the formula from rancidity.
    • GLYCERYL STEARATE is an emollient agent that also helps solidify the formula (in addition to softening and moisturizing the skin).
    • LACTIC ACID is used to adjust the pH of the facial cleanser to the skin's natural pH (~5.5).

  • Questions(FAQs)

      What is the difference with the solid face cleanser?

      Our face cleansers, on the other hand, were not created to remove make-up. It is important to take care of your facial skin and its sensitive areas. Make-up remover or wipes to remove make-up, then facial cleanser to finish removing impurities and have healthy skin, to finally apply your treatment.

      Doesn't the makeup remover duplicate the facial cleanser?

      The make-up remover removes make-up thanks to the oils and butters it contains, while the facial cleanser eliminates impurities thanks to the foaming agent.

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