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Blue Furoshiki

These beautiful squares of fabric are made from organic cotton satin in France. Furoshikis have been used in Japan since ancient times. Now they're gaining popularity in the West!

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They're very simple – and simply ingenious! You can tie your furoshiki in countless different ways and could use it to make:

  • a shopping bag,
  • some zero waste gift wrapping,
  • an elegant scarf,
  • a handmade tote bag!

More information

Just like our Mochi-Mochi fabric handkerchiefs, our furoshiki cloths are made in France, in the Ain region, some 170 km from our offices. They're printed and manufactured by Alexandre Fruchart, winner of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France award in the textile printing category. He uses eco-friendly printing techniques that don't require water. So, not only are our cloths beautiful, they also have a low environmental impact and help to keep French craftsmanship alive!

Our furoshikis measure 70 x 70 cm and are available in two colors.

They're made from organic cotton satin, which is thicker than the cotton usually used for scarves, so they can hold items such as books, bottles of wine or fresh fruit juices!  

With our Furoshiki cloths, you can avoid using hundreds of plastic bags and lots of sheets of gift-wrap! 

    What are the dimensions of the furoshiki ?

    Our furoshiki measures 67.5 x 67.5 cm. 

    How can I use a furoshiki to wrap gifts ? ...

    There are different techniques you can use to fold and tie the fabric and wrap different types of objects, such as boxes, books, bottles, etc.

    Some techniques are simple; others are a little more complicated ! 

    What kind of fabric is used to make the furoshikis ? ...

    They're made from organic satin, which is thicker than the fabric used for scarves, so they're strong enough to hold lots of different gifts !

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Un joli tissu pour emballer mes cadeaux !