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Solid shampoo for normal hair with orange, cinnamon & star anise

It's gentle, it smells good and it takes care of your hair! At the heart of this shampoo for normal hair is a blend of orange essential oil, cinnamon powder, and star anise, which gives it a deliciously relaxing scent!  


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  • Vegan and Zero waste Shampoo 
  • Lasts as long as two bottles of liquid shampoo 
  • 100% of natural origin
  • Sulfates-free
  • Travel-friendly
  • Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, babies and small children

Tout savoir

Covered with natural, 100% mineral shimmering golden particles, this solid shampoo for normal hair is perfect if you want to make the festive season last a little bit longer! Fragranced with a blend of orange, cinnamon and star anise, it's handmade in France, in the region around Nice, using nothing but naturally derived ingredients. And because it's formulated without sulphates, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that your hair takes longer to get greasy again than it would with a regular shampoo! 



*certified organic

**naturally present in the essential oil

About the botanical ingredients

Sodium cocoyl isethionate/Decyl glucoside: surfactants derived from coconut oil; cleanse and produce a soft, creamy lather. 

Cocos nucifera oil*: coconut oil, nourishes the hair.

Stearic acid: derived from olive oil, it gives the shampoo its solid consistency.  

Citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) peel oil*: orange essential oil.

Cinnamon zeylanicum bark powder*: cinnamon powder.

CI77491, CI 77019: natural colourants.

Illicium verum fruit powder*: star anise powder.

Limonene, linalool: compounds present in orange essential oil and that must be indicated on the label.  

About the mineral ingredients

Kaolinite: a white clay that's gentle on the skin and known for its purifying and deep-cleansing properties. 

Mica (and) titanium dioxide (and) iron oxide: natural shimmering particles!

Slow Cosmétique, Cruelty Free & Vegan – Sulphate-free – Handmade in France, 12 months, 55g

How to use it

Simply rub your solid shampoo on wet hair to work it into a creamy lather. Then massage through your hair and rinse off – just as you would with a liquid shampoo!

Avoid contact with the eyes or mucous membranes, or it will sting! Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Not suitable for pregnant women or children under the age of six.

How to store it

Your solid shampoo is like a bar of soap: you can keep it on a saucer or soap dish on the edge of your bath, or with your soap in the shower. It's antibacterial, so it can't get dirty! You can keep it in a mesh washing bag, which you can hang on the same hook as your konjac sponge, so it can dry easily.

How to transport it

You can put it in an empty jar (e.g. one that was used for a face cream or yoghurt), put a small cloth over the jar and secure it with an elastic band. When you know your shampoo won't be dry before going in your wash bag (for example, after sport), you can wrap a face cloth around it, so it can still "breathe" and dry out gradually. 

When you buy this shampoo, that's two plastic bottles of liquid shampoo that won't be going in the waste bin!

The cardboard box is 100% recyclable.

    I feel like my hair hasn't been rinsed properly.

    This can happen sometimes. When your hair is used to chemical products, it tends to "suck up" the chemicals. Because it's not used to natural hair products, it takes a while to adjust and goes through a sort of "detox" process. This explains why it might seem like your hair is badly rinsed. When you switch to a natural shampoo, you have to get through this difficult detox period, but it's worth it in the end! In the meantime, you could always rinse your hair with a vinegar and water solution, or use an apple cider vinegar rinse to solve the problem until it goes away naturally – which it will! 

    I'm worried that by rubbing the shampoo directly over my head, I'm getting my hair tangled.

    No need to panic!

    You don't have to rub the shampoo directly over your hair. You could also rub it between your hands, like a soap, and then apply it!

    We have a little tip too... Lean your head forward so you can really work the shampoo into the roots and spread it over your scalp. There's no need to rub it through the lengths of your hair, as they'll be washed when you rinse the shampoo off!

    How long does the shampoo last?

    This depends on factors such as whether your hair is long, thick, short, etc. However, it should last for as long as two bottles of liquid shampoo. :)

    Is the Christmas shampoo available all year round, or is it a limited edition?

    Our Christmas shampoo is a limited edition, but it comes back every year! It's always sold during the winter period. 

    Bonjour, je fais des colorations végétales et je voudrais savoir si vos shampoings solides sont compatibles car je vois dans la composition de l'huile de coco et j'ai entendu dire que cela n'était pas compatible car cela fait dégorger la couleur ...

    L'huile de coco ne fait pas dégorger les couleurs végétales. Au contraire, il est conseillé d'en appliquer sur les cheveux colorés afin de les hydrater et les revitaliser.

    De plus, nos shampoings ne contiennent pas de sulfates donc tout à fait compatibles avec les cheveux colorés. :) 

    Vous dites que vos produits sont sans sulfates mais vous ne parlez à aucun moment des silicones. Je me doute forcément que vu vos engagements envers l'environnement ainsi que la santé de vos clients ils ne doivent pas en contenir, mais pouvez vou ...

    Non, nos shampoings ne contiennent pas de silicone ! 

    Bonjour, Quel est le grammage de vos shampoings ? Il n'est indiqué nulle part. Merci

    Nos shampoings pèsent environ 55 grammes ! !:)

    Quel est le Ph de vos shampoings ? 

    Le Ph se situe entre 5.0 et 6.0 ! :)

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Je suis définitivement adepte. Il mousse bien, son format permet de le tenir bien en main , son parfum d'orange canelle est très agréable et original. De plus, il m'a permis d'espacer mes shampoings (tous les 3/4 jours au lieu d'un jour sur 2!) et pour mes cheveux courts, il dure environ 3 mois...



Une bonne odeur, des paillettes, une bonne découverte!



Ce shampoing sent très bon et laisse les cheveux doux. Par contre, j'ai les cheveux longs et quand je fais mousser le shampoing ,ça les emmêle énormément et malheureusement je suis obligée de mettre une "tonne" de démélant après pour les ravoir... c'est vraiment dommage.



Ce shampoing présente bien et sent super bon! Les paillettes partent après le premier lavage et ne restent pas sur les cheveux. L’odeur, elle, reste assez légère après le lavage. Néanmoins veillez à bien le rincer au risque de laisser un film gras sur les cheveux.

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