Blades for safety razor

10 safety razor blades made from stainless steel with a platinum finish ! :)

Our razor blades were chosen for their effectiveness and are made in China, as we were unable to find a supplier in the EU who met our standards. 


We've minimized the packaging by wrapping them in paper and packing them in a cardboard box.  

The company complies with environmental, social and hygiene standards, and does not produce disposable plastic razors.  

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How to use it:

Unscrew the head from the handle.

Remove the comb from the head. 

Place the blade on the head, then add the comb, making sure it's the right way up, otherwise you won't be able to shave!

Then screw the head back onto the handle (going through the blade and comb).

As you screw it back on, the head will bend the blade slightly, for maximum safety when shaving. 

Only ever hold the blade from the sides, to avoid cutting yourself!

How long does a blade last?

It varies according to the surface area shaved, the type of hair, how many passes, and the way you store the blade between uses. On average, it should last for three to four shaves. 

Zero waste: our razor blades are wrapped in a single sheet of paper to protect them, then packed in a biodegradable cardboard box.

    Are the razor blades universal, so they'll fit other safety razors ? ...

    Yes, our razor blades are universal.

    Are the blades recyclable? And if so, where can they be recycled ? ...

    Razor blades are considered medical waste, so they're incinerated. However, you could ask your local pharmacies if they have a box to collect them (some barbers also have these). In France, these boxes are yellow, and will be burned once they're filled. You can throw your razor blades in the bin, but make sure they're wrapped in something so they can't pierce your bin bag or injure anyone. At present, TerraCycle® doesn't have a solution for recycling razor blades in Europe, but they are testing this in the USA. Our innovation team is following this very closely, to see if it can be set up in Europe.

    Bonjour à quelle fréquence devons nous changer de lame ?

    Bonjour !

    La fréquence varie en fonction de la surface rasée, du type de poil, du nombre de passage de la lame et de la manière dont vous les conservez entre deux utilisations. En moyenne, nous vous conseillons de les changer tous les 3 à 4 rasages !

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Bon produit !

Bon produit, rase très bien. Par contre je trouve le prix un peu élevé.



Je commande mes recharges avec celles de ma brosse à dents. Très pratique, rase très bien.



Rien a redire les lames son facile a changer et sa ne prend pas de place comparer a un sachet de rasoir jetable.

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