Upcycled fabric mini pouch

Our mini pouch is perfect for carrying and storing your solid cosmetics!


Not only will this pouch let you take your solid cosmetics with you anywhere; it also gives a second life to fabric scraps!

Because our mini pouches are made from upcycled fabrics, each one is absolutely unique! There may be some (or even a lot of!) variation in colours and patterns :)

The mini pouches are made less than 60 miles away from our offices, by a workshop that helps to reintegrate people into society through work. 

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If you're looking for a way to store or carry your solid cosmetics, we have a new solution! Our mini pouches were designed to hold your solid cosmetics, so you can take them with you wherever you go. And because they're made from upcycled fabric, you'll be giving some scrap fabric a second chance in life! :) 

Upcycling is all about taking materials or products that aren't needed anymore and transforming them into something new. At Lamazuna, we love the concept!  

There will always be differences in the patterns and colours of the fabrics used to make these mini pouches, and that means each one is unique! They're made in a workshop that's less than 60 miles from our offices, and which helps people to get back into society through work. 

The mini pouches come with a drawstring, so your solid cosmetics can't fall out!  

The mini pouches are the perfect size for our solid cosmetics. Remove any excess water before placing your product inside, then you can take it to the gym, the office, or on holiday! You could also use the mini pouch to hold solid cosmetics in your bathroom :)

Upcycled fabric (cotton, polycotton or opaque polyester), label made from white cotton twill.

The mini pouch isn't waterproof, so it's best to remove any excess moisture from your solid cosmetics before putting them inside. You can wash the pouch by hand, or machine wash at 30°C. 

Upcycling is a great way to "rescue" fabrics or materials that would otherwise have been thrown away. It goes beyond recycling!  We've taken fabric scraps and made them into something that's both useful and looks good. Another way to get closer to a zero-waste lifestyle!  

    Is there anything I should do before using it ? ...

    Our mini pouches are made from clothing or furniture fabrics that were destined for the bin, so they may shrink a little when washed for the first time. This means their dimensions may change very slightly. We recommend washing them once before using them, then their size shouldn't change anymore!

    The mini pouch isn't waterproof, so it's best if you let your solid cosmetics dry before putting them inside. If that isn't possible, take them out of the mini pouch as soon as you reach your destination so they can dry.

    Which Lamazuna solid cosmetics can I put in the mini pouch ?  ...

    After you've washed the mini pouch, you can use it to hold one solid shaving bar, one solid conditioner, or up to two solid shampoos !

    What are the dimensions of the mini pouch ? ...

    Our mini pouches measure 12 x 12 cm, with about 2 cm at the top for the drawstring. 

    However, as they are made by hand from scrap fabric, there may be some variations.

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