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Set of 3 toothbrush heads Medium
  • Set of 3 toothbrush heads Medium
  • Set of 3 toothbrush heads Medium

Set of 3 toothbrush heads Medium
for an invigorating and long-lasting brushing

If you've been brushing your teeth well for the last three months, it's time you changed your toothbrush head! Simply remove the old one, then snap on a new one! 

Set of 3 Medium toothbrush heads for replaceable-head toothbrush


Keep the handle, just change the head!

Your toothbrush bristles will wear out after about three months. When that happens, just remove the old head and snap on a new one! 

    Everything you need to know !

  • How to use me?

    Remove the used head from your toothbrush. 

    Snap on a new one. You`re good to go for the next three months! 

  • My ingredients

    Nylon bristles and ABS base made in Italy

  • My environmental impact

    In France, recycling plants can`t process waste that measures less than 3 cm. So, if you remove the bristles from a bamboo toothbrush, although the material itself is recyclable, the bristles can`t actually be recycled.

    That`s why we decided to sign up to TerraCycle`s Zero Waste Box programme, so our used toothbrush heads can be completely recycled. 

    You can go to the Recycling section of our website and download a pre-paid label (which you can stick on an envelope), then send us your used toothbrush heads for free! 

    Good to know: the French postal service is committed to offsetting its carbon emissions. 

  • Questions(FAQs)

      Les anciens manches et les nouveaux sont-ils compatibles avec nos recharges de tête de brosse à dents ?

      Les nouvelles brosses à dents comme les anciennes sont compatibles avec toute notre gamme de recharges !

      Comment recycler les têtes de brosses à dents ?

      Lamazuna s'occupe du recyclage des têtes. Elles sont trop petites pour être prises en charge par les filières de tri et recyclage classiques, donc on s'en charge !

      Envoyez-les nous en utilisant la lettre T que vous trouvez ici. Ou déposez-les chez votre revendeur.

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