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Safety razor & 10 blades set
  • Safety razor & 10 blades set
  • Safety razor & 10 blades set

Safety razor & 10 blades set
Safety razor with 10 blades

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SET: Lamazuna safety razor, with handle made from French oak wood, and 10 stainless steel blades. Perfect for a zero-waste, traditional shave.

  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Economical

The blades for the Lamazuna safety razor were chosen for their effectiveness.

The Lamazuna safety razor is ideal if you want to enjoy a quick, easy and pleasant shave.


The handle is made from French oak wood and treated with linseed oil, which gives it a highly water-resistant coating. 

The head and comb are made from chrome-plated zamak.

The handle of our exclusive Lamazuna razor is engraved with the brand name, while a pattern representing the shaving bar is engraved on its base. 

    Everything you need to know !

  • How to use me?

    Easy to use:

    Wash your skin with warm water before shaving.

    Moisten your solid shaving bar with tap water, then gently rub it over your skin to produce a rich creamy lather. 

    Start by shaving with the grain (in the direction of hair growth) the razor will glide easily over your skin.

    You can then shave from left to right, then in the opposite direction.

    Finish by rinsing with cold water to close pores and prevent irritation.

    You could then apply some cocoa butter to nourish your skin.

    Changing the blade:

    Unscrew the head from the handle and remove the label (before using for the first time).

    Remove the comb from the head. 

    Place the blade on the head, then add the comb, making sure it`s the right way up, otherwise you won`t be able to shave!

    Then screw the head back onto the handle (going through the blade and comb).

    As you screw it back on, the head will bend the blade slightly, for maximum safety when shaving. 

    Only ever hold the blade from the sides, to avoid cutting yourself!

    Tips and advice:

    It`s best to shave in the morning, as your skin tends to be slightly more fragile in the evening.

    After shaving, always remove the blade from your razor and rinse it. If you leave it in the razor, with water, it`s likely to rust.

    Place it on a cloth to dry (making sure you keep it far away from inquisitive little hands!) and put it away until the next time you need to use it. 

  • My environmental impact

    Use instead of disposable razors

    Head designed for maximum safety

    Our razor is handmade in France by a family business in the Puy-de-Dôme region!

  • Questions(FAQs)

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