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Magnetic soap holder
  • Magnetic soap holder
  • Magnetic soap holder
  • Magnetic soap holder
  • Magnetic soap holder

Magnetic soap holder
To extend the life of all your solids

Now your solid cosmetics won't go mushy anymore! Just "hang" them up to dry and keep them within reach, with our magnetic soap holder!


It may be small, but it's very strong! Our magnetic soap holder will keep all your solid products dry and make them last longer, so you'll save money too!

No, it's not magic! It's just a cleverly designed solution that makes it easy and fun to use your solid cosmetics. Oh, and it also decorates your bathroom!

  • Practical and looks good!
  • Can be used with all Lamazuna products

    Everything you need to know !

  • How to use me?

    Our soap holder is super simple and practical! It can support a weight of up to 160g, so you can use it with all your solid cosmetics.

    Attach the suction cup to a clean, dry surface (window pane, wall, edge of a washbasin or bath, etc.).

    Press the metal disc into the middle of your solid product, then simply attach it to the suction cup by magnetism.

    Use your soap bar, solid shampoo, facial cleanser, etc. as usual. You won`t even feel the metal disc in the middle.

  • My environmental impact

    At Lamazuna, all our products are designed to be zero waste, and we take into account every stage in their life cycle to ensure that they`re as environmentally friendly as possible.

    At Lamazuna, you won`t find any deodorant applicators, cork, chemical varnishes or solvents. We`re very careful about what we use, all the time!

  • How do I maintain myself?

    Clean your magnetic soap holder occasionally, and especially the suction cup, so it adheres to surfaces well.

  • Materials

    The metal disc is made in France from stainless steel, so it won`t rust.

    The suction cup is also made in France, from plastic. It`s the only plastic item you`ll find at Lamazuna. We did weigh up this decision carefully and concluded that this solution will make it easier for many people to switch to solid cosmetics, so it will reduce consumption of single-use plastic. 

    The magnet is made in China as, to date, no magnets are made in France, or even in Europe.

  • Questions(FAQs)

      Comment bien faire tenir la ventouse ?

      Afin de faire tenir une ventouse, il faut commencer par l'humidifier avec un peu d'eau.

      Attention à la surface où coller la ventouse : celle-ci va mieux adhérer sur du carrelage non poreux, du verre et autres surfaces totalement lisses. Vous pouvez la nettoyer avec du vinaigre d’alcool et attendre qu’elle soit entièrement sèche.

      Enfin, il faut fixer la ventouse humidifiée en chassant le maximum d’air possible.

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