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Toothbrush for children
  • Toothbrush for children
  • Toothbrush for children
  • Toothbrush for children
  • Toothbrush for children
  • Toothbrush for children
  • Toothbrush for children
  • Toothbrush for children
  • Toothbrush for children

Toothbrush for children

A new, fun way to brush your teeth! Children aged 7 and over will love this colourful toothbrush, which is 100% made in France and 98%

plant-derived! Choose from four bright, happy colours.

Lifetime guarantee - 100% made in France - Very easy to adopt

    Everything you need to know !

  • How to use me?

    Keep the handle for life and just change the head every three months. Great for getting kids to use zero-waste products from a young age!

    The toothbrush comes with a lifetime guarantee, and the head has been specially designed fos children's more sensitive teeth and gums, with extra soft bristles.

    Every three months, when the bristles of your toothbrush have worn out, just change the head! Simply snap off the used head and snap on a new one. We work with a specialist company to ecycle the heads.  See the "Second life" section of our website to find out more. 

  • Materials

    • 98% of each handle is made up of a polyamide derived from castor oil. The handles are coloured with a vegan dye. Everything is made in France – even the mould!
    • The children's toothbrush head consists of an ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) base, which is injected into moulds in the Anjou region of France. The biobased nylon bristles come from Germany and are made with 60% castor oil – a renewable resource. There's also a ring made from copper.
  • Questions(FAQs)

      Is the children's toothbrush compatible with all the replacement toothbrush heads?

      The children's toothbrush is perfectly compatible with all the replacement heads (extra soft, soft, medium, extra soft for children).

      The toothbrush head for children is our softest toothbrush head, so it's gentle on their young gums.

      Why don't you make bamboo toothbrushes?

      Bamboo toothbrushes are an alternative to disposable toothbrushes, but they don't go as far as Lamazuna's replaceable-head toothbrushes. 

      They become darker over time, can leave a strange taste in the mouth, and you still have to throw them away when you've finished using them.

      A bamboo toothbrush is not 100% compostable. Only the handle can be composted – on the condition that it hasn't been varnished. The nylon bristles and the metal staples often required to hold them in place cannot be composted.

      A bamboo toothbrush is never made in France. It has to be transported from China!

      Comment recycler les têtes de brosses à dents ?

      Lamazuna s'occupe du recyclage des têtes. Elles sont trop petites pour être prises en charge par les filières de tri et recyclage classiques, donc on s'en charge !

      Envoyez-les nous en utilisant la lettre T que vous trouvez ici. Ou déposez-les chez votre revendeur.

      Bonjour J'aurai deux questions, les matières premières proviennent de France? Est ce que la tête se détache facilement ? Je ne vois pas d'avis. Sur d'autres brosses à dents similaires, beaucoup constataient le fait que la tête s'élevait trop ...

      Une fois clipsée, la tête ne se détache pas. C'est un point d'attention extrêmement important chez nous. Il faut bien appuyer avec son pouce pour l'enlever mais elle ne se détache pas toute seule

      La tête de brosse à dents tient-elle vraiment bien ?

      Nos têtes de brosses à dents font l'objet d'un brevet notamment pour assurer sa solidité et sa capacité à ne pas s'ôter trop facilement du manche

      Bonjour, Comment conseillez-vous d'entretenir et de nettoyer le manche de la brosse à dents ? Au bout d'un moment, un dépôt se forme et il est difficile à enlever entièrement. Merci pour vos conseils !

      Prenez la tête que vous allez recycler et utilisez la pour nettoyer le manche car un dépôt peut s'y déposer avec le temps. Avec de l'eau, du savon c'est nickel !

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