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Our zero waste figures

At Lamazuna, our goal has always been to reduce waste. These figures show just how much waste we've already avoided thanks to our solid cosmetics!

Every three months, we update our zero waste figures.

Below, we've listed some of our solid products and their equivalents in liquid form. This information is based on tests carried out by Lamazunians to see how long a product lasts. We do this every time we bring out a new product.

Read on and you'll see that our solid cosmetics are not just kind on the planet; they're also kind on your wallet!

Solid vs liquid!

1 disc-shaped solid shampoo = 1 x 250ml bottle of liquid shampoo

1 vanilla-scented solid conditioner = almost 2 x 200ml bottles of liquid conditioner

1 detangling & nourishing solid conditioner = 2 ½ x 200ml bottles of liquid conditioner

1 cold-processed soap = almost 2 x 250ml bottles of shower gel

1 pink cocoa butter = 3 x 200ml bottles of moisturising lotion

1 solid shaving bar = almost 2 x 100ml cans of shaving foam

1 solid toothpaste = 2 tubes of regular toothpaste

1 palmarosa solid deodorant = 1 ½ x 50g stick deodorants

1 solid deodorant for sensitive skin = 1 x 50g stick deodorant

1 solid facial cleanser = 3 x 150ml bottles of liquid facial cleanser

1 solid make-up remover = just over 2 x 100ml bottles of make-up remover

That's a lot of good reasons to choose solid cosmetics over their regular equivalents!