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Cold-processed soap – Invigorating Soap
  • Cold-processed soap – Invigorating Soap

Cold-processed soap – Invigorating Soap

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At last! Well and truly eco-designed soaps, made in France, and certified COSMOS Organic! 


It took us two years of development, but now we can finally present our cold-processed Lamazuna soaps! 100% of the ingredients are sourced within 800 km of our offices in the Drôme region, and brought together to make soaps of a very high quality! 

The Invigorating Soap will give you an energising boost for the day ahead! It's made with organic cypress essential oil to help improve circulation, blue-green clay with regenerating properties, and a dash of arnica to help reduce muscle soreness. So not only does this soap cleanse your skin; it also nourishes and revitalises!

Contents: 100g.

    Everything you need to know !

  • How to use me?

    Wet the soap, work up a fine, creamy lather, then either rub the soap directly over your body or use your hands to apply the lather.

    For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Recommended for use on the body. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Do not use on children under the age of five.

  • My ingredients

    A closer look at the 9 ingredients in our Invigorating Soap

    About the 2 ingredients with cleansing properties:

    - Saponified olive oil (sodium olivate**) cleanses the skin and gives the soap a creamy lather.

    - Saponified sunflower oil (Sodium sunflowerseedate**) cleanses the skin and makes the lather rich and more bubbly!

    About the 5 ingredients that care for the skin:

    - Glycerine (Glycerin**), a by-product of the saponification reaction, helps the soap to glide easily over the skin and increases its moisturising effect.

    - Sunflower oil (Helianthus annuus seed oil*) contains Vitamin E and fatty acids (linoleic acid), to nourish the skin and improve suppleness.   

    - Olive oil (Olea europaea fruit oil*) protects and nourishes, thanks to its many vitamins (A, D, E and K) and fatty acids (oleic acid).

    - Arnica macerated oil (Arnica montana flower extract*) acts as an anti-inflammatory, and has a stimulating and protective action on the skin barrier.  

    - Organic cypress essential oil (Cupressus sempervirens leaf/nut/stem oil*) helps to boost blood flow and gives a slightly resinous scent to the soap.

    About the 2 other ingredients:

    - Blue-green clay (Illite, Kaolin) was chosen for its colour, but also for its regenerating and oxygenating properties.

    - Water (Aqua) is produced during the saponification reaction much of it evaporates over time.  

    *Ingredients from organic farming

    **Made using organic ingredients

    INCI list:


    *from organic farming • 66.3% of the total ingredients are from organic farming / 100% naturally derived

    **made using organic ingredients

    Certified COSMOS Organic by Cosmécert according to the COSMOS standard.

  • My environmental impact

    By using a soap bar, you`ll avoid using lots of plastic bottles filled with liquid soap! 

    Soap bars last longer than the liquid versions, and because they`re solid, you won`t waste a single drop!

    We put a lot of work into the formulas of our soaps, to ensure they would be as natural as possible. The ingredients are sourced within 800 km of our offices in the Drôme region, and are all 100% naturally derived. Our soaps are certified COSMOS Organic and crafted in our soap factory in the south of France. We chose to use the cold-processing method, as this optimises the properties of the botanical oils and maximises the soaps` moisturising benefits without consuming energy. They`re eco-designed through and through, and benefit from all the experience of Lamazuna!

    At Lamazuna, all our products are designed to be zero waste. We take into account every stage in their life cycle to ensure that they`re as environmentally friendly as possible. Our packaging is made from recyclable cardboard (because we can`t send our products to you naked, but you can recycle the boxes of course!). And if you want to avoid packaging altogether, you can buy our products loose at the Lamazuna store in Paris and from many of our retailers.    

  • Questions(FAQs)

      Can I use the soap on the face?

      We do not recommend using the soap on the face. Indeed, it has a pH adapted to the skin of the body, it is rich in glycerin and therefore superfatted, specifically designed for the body. For the face (where the skin may be drier or oilier) we advise you to use our solid face cleansers which have a more acidic pH and ingredients more suited to your face, depending on your skin type.

      Quel est le ph de ces savons svp ?

      Nos savons ont tous un pH entre 9.5 et 11.

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