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Solid shampoo for normal hair
  • Solid shampoo for normal hair
  • Solid shampoo for normal hair
  • Solid shampoo for normal hair
  • Solid shampoo for normal hair
  • Solid shampoo for normal hair
  • Solid shampoo for normal hair

Solid shampoo for normal hair
With white and green clay

Get ready for lots of lather from this shampoo with clay and organic lemongrass essential oil! 


Made with purifying white clay and oxygenating green clay, this shampoo also contains organic lemongrass essential oil for its fresh scent and invigorating properties.

Ideal for normal to dry hair, it's amazingly effective and smells amazing too! 

Plus, you get 25% more product for the same price as before, and even more lather! Contents: 70ml.

    Everything you need to know !

  • How to use me?

    Wet your hair, moisten the shampoo, then either apply it with your hands or rub it directly over your scalp. There`s no need to apply the shampoo to the ends of your hair. Massage your scalp to work up a lather, then rinse well. It`s as simple as that! 

    Precautions and storage:

    To ensure that your solid shampoo lasts for as long as possible, look after it in the same way as our other solid products. Keep it dry between uses by placing it on our Incredible Organiser, in a small storage jar, or in one of our mini pouches! 

    This shampoo contains essential oils and is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or for children under the age of 12. PAO: 12 months. Even though its scent is irresistible, this shampoo mustn`t be eaten!

  • My ingredients

    A closer look at the 9 ingredients in our solid shampoo with white and green clays

    5 ingredients that wash and care for the hair:

    French organic sunflower oil (Helianthus annuus seed oil*) nourishes and protects the hair.

    A surfactant (sodium cocoyl isethionate) cleans the hair while being gentle on the scalp. This ingredient is plant-derived, but because the manufacturing process involves a chemical reaction, it cannot be certified organic. We chose this surfactant so that we could avoid sulphate surfactants (which are bad for the hair and the environment) as well as surfactants with poor cleansing properties.  

    A secondary surfactant (coco-glucoside) boosts the lather created by the sodium cocoyl isethionate.

    White clay (kaolin) is used for its purifying and deep-cleansing properties, to care for your scalp.

    Blue/green clay (Montmorillonite, illite, kaolin), rich in trace elements and minerals, oxygenates and purifies the scalp.  

    4 ingredients that give the shampoo its sensorial qualities and make it last:

    Organic lemongrass essential oil (Cymbopogon flexuosus oil*) gives a fresh, energising, lifting scent. It is also known for its invigorating properties.

    Palmitic and stearic acids, which are fatty acids derived from olive oil, help to keep the shampoo solid and make it last.

    Tocopherol helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, a plant-derived antioxidant (Vitamin E), prevents the botanical oils from going rancid. It`s contained in sunflower oil. 

    CITRAL, LIMONENE, GERANIOL, ISOEUGENOL, LINALOOL: allergens naturally present in the essential oil.

    *ingredients from organic farming

    INCI list:


    *ingredients from organic farming (24.8%)

    **naturally derived ingredients (94.4%)

  • My environmental impact

    By using our solid shampoos, you`ll avoid using liquid shampoos in plastic bottles. What`s more, they last even longer than the liquid version, and you won`t waste a single drop!

    We put a lot of thought and care into our formulas to ensure that they`re as natural as possible. We wanted to use a gentle, sulphate-free surfactant that was compatible with the manufacturing process for a solid cosmetic, as well as product usage. It had to have excellent cleansing properties and produce a good lather, and also be plant-derived and easily biodegradable. For us, the only surfactant that met all these criteria was SCI, which combines naturalness with pleasure of use and effectiveness. It means that our shampoos cannot be certified COSMOS Organic, but we felt this was the right decision.

    At Lamazuna, all our products are designed to be zero waste, and we take into account every stage in their life cycle to ensure that they`re as environmentally friendly as possible. Our packaging is made from recyclable cardboard (because we can`t send our products to you naked, but you can recycle the boxes of course!). And if you want to avoid packaging altogether, you can buy our products loose at the Lamazuna store in Paris and from many of our retailers.    

  • Questions(FAQs)

      What is the pH of shampoos?

      The pH of all our solid shampoos is between 5.5 and 6.5.

      Do our shampoos contain sulfates or silicones?

      None of our shampoos contain sulfates or silicones.

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