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100% upcycled sponge
  • 100% upcycled sponge

100% upcycled sponge
100% upcycled sponge

Long-lasting, sustainable, 100% upcycled sponge made in France

Developed by TOMO a young French brand that makes 100% upcycled, zero-waste textile products.


  • Materials carefully sourced in France. 

  • Made in an "ESAT" by disabled workers, in workshops specialised in textiles and with lots of experience in upcycling!

  • Label printed in France on organic cotton ribbon woven in France.

    Everything you need to know !

  • My environmental impact

    This 100% upcycled, washable, reusable sponge will help you to reduce waste in the kitchen!

  • How do I maintain myself?

    Machine washable.

  • Materials

    100% upcycled:


    - One side made from white looped cotton (similar to terry cloth)

    - One side made from thick patterned cotton

    - Filled with canvas scraps and tent netting 

    At last, a sponge that keeps its shape even after washing, filled with material that dries quickly!

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