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Storage and travel

Storage and travel

Our storage and travel solutions for your solid cosmetics make zero-waste living even easier!

Our magical Magnetic solid holder holds all your solid products and enhances their lifetime. The Lamazuna glass jar with its perforated lid or not is perfect for carrying your solid products and letting them dry. And our mini pouches and tie-up bags, both made from upcycled fabric, are ideal for travelling light or even using as gift wrap!

  • Magnetic soap holder On sale! -35%
  • Getaway travel tin
  • Toothpaste tabs jar
  • Organiser – Hair range
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  • 100% French, stainless...
  • Anti-waste soap bag -10%
  • Soap life extender set -35%
  • Upcycled fabric mini pouch
    -10% Out-of-Stock
  • My essentials
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